Wednesday, December 31, 2008


So it's officially the last day of 2008. I will start the day off by going to Landry's 3rd birthday at Chuck E. Cheese!! I love Chuck E. Cheese's, but if you know me at all that shouldn't be a big surprise!! I can't believe the Doodle-bug is turning 3. It seems like just yesterday Katherine was pregnant with her and we all were so worried about her big appearance into the world! Landry stopped growing when Katherine was like 5 months pregnant, they expected her to be really tiny when she was born. She made her appearance almost 4 weeks early at 11:14 PM on the 31st of December. I don't remember her exact weight, but it was over what they expected and she was completely healthy!
I made it through the holidays just fine. We had a very nice,easy going Christmas. I got to spend Christmas Eve afternoon with the girls having lunch at the American Girl Doll Bistro at the Galleria. It was so much fun! Christmas Day was spent going from house to house and I finally ended up at home around 3 and got to take a nap!! John got me a really pretty bracelet and a whole bunch of other things, but not the big diamond we all have been hoping for. Maybe that will come in 2009!
Speaking of 2009, I can't believe it's almost here! I've learned things rarely go the way you want, but I'm trying to learn to roll with the punches. I wish I could change certain things, but that's up to the Big Guy upstairs at to the way my life should work out, He has a plan for me, I just can't figure it out I wish He would give me some clue soon, I'm tired of this going fro year to year and not having thing the way I want physically and career wise!! Oh.... I almost forgot, I have been off my diet for the duration of the holidays, I learned it was pointless to try!! So I like the millions of other people will officially be back on my diet next week. I'll keep you posted as to how it going!!

Good Night Everyone and Happy 2009!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008


So the week of Thanksgiving did not start out well. I found out the Saturday before Thanksgiving the $300 had been taken out of my checking account. So how someone got ahold of either my I-tunes account number or my debit card number and spent $300 on I-tunes gift cards! This is not the time of the year to be low on money! I have done so well for the past couple of months to make sure that I had a significant amount of money in my account at the end of the month so that if I get paid late or if I need extra money the next month I have it, and now I am going into Christmas shopping season with very little money to get me started. So Monday was spent at the bank getting all the paperwork filled out to get my money back. They tell you it should only take a week, but it will be 1 week tomorrow and I still have not got the money back!!
Thanksgiving was pretty good. I spent it with my dance kids performing, well not really performing, with the Jonas Brothers at the Cowboys game. Me and 350 kids had to pretend to be concert goers. I do have to admit that it was pretty fun and when Nick Jonas stopped singing so that everyone could sing the words to "Burnin Up" I was one of the voices singing. I know it's pretty lame that I know the words to Jo Bro songs, but what else can I do when the girls and the kids at the studio only want to listen to their songs!! It was pretty fun and how many people can say that number one they were 4 feet from the Jonas Brothers and 2 that they were not in the stands at the last Thanksgiving half time in Texas Stadium,but actually on the field!!! It also made me really miss performing and the thrill you get for performing in front of people. I want to do that again, some days I don't miss putting on the make-up and gelling my hair for competitions or performances, but I do miss the rush you get when there is a live audience. It was such a part of me for so long in my life, and only doing it once a year at recital sometimes doesn't subside the part that makes me miss it!! Don't' get me wrong, it's such a reward to see the dances you create do well and I do love performing at recital, but there's something missing. I wasn't ready to give it up when it was time for me to give it up. I loved competitions, mainly because it was people there watching you!! Although the last year wasn't real great, I wouldn't mind doing it all again.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Goodbye October, Hello November

Well goodbye to a very busy month and hello to the next two busy months!! October is always such a busy month for me, but it seemed like this was more busy than usual. I used to think that after I graduated high school that October would slow down some, but here I am 6 years later and it's busier than ever!
My birthday was the 2nd weekend of the month and it was amazing!! The Hunter's surprised me with tickets to America's Best Dance Crew and John and I went to see that on the 22nd. It was really good. It was five of the Crews from season 1 &2 of the show and they did several of their dances from the show. But the best part was when all five Crews did a salute to Janet and Michael Jackson!! They did songs like Rhythm Nation, Beat It, Black Cat etc.. It all led up to the Jabbawockeez doing their dance from season 1 to Pyt!! It was my favorite part of the whole show!!
The next couple of days became a blur, it was the busiest part of the month!! It started out Thursday the 23rd. I ended up having to get a new phone that day. My Blackberry that I had exactly a month on that day decided it no longer was going to hold a charge.Luckily it happened on that day so they replaced it for free. But I hadn't saved the majority of my phone numbers to my Sim card so I lost most peoples number. So if your reading this I probably have lost your number so feel free to text it to me, call or e-mail me. That night Mom and I decided we were going to go to Movie Tavern for the midnight premier of High School Musical 3. I know it sounds lame, but I was so totally pumped to see this movie!! Sydney got to come along too with her friend Taylor even though it was a school night. Her mom decided it was a kind of special thing because Syd had got her braces off that day. Well we get there and we order our food and stuff, needless to say I managed to completely blow my Weight Watchers that night and had really great pizza!! They start to show the movie and the screen goes black. It ends up they couldn't get either the disc or the digital player to work. So we got our food comped and free tickets to come back and see either that movie or another one. I was completely bummed!! I thought I was going to cry.Oh well, me and all three girls managed to go see it later in the week.
I woke up Friday morning when John walked in around 9 and told me that our friends Shana and Matt were having their baby that day. We had all expected for Shana to have to be induced on Nov. 3, but Baby Kyndall had other plans. It was funny because Shana had sent me a message that morning at like 5:45 telling me they would see me Saturday at my party. Shana was one of those people that during her pregnancy got up every morning walked 2 miles on the treadmill and lifted weights, that's why she only gained 17 pounds and already looks good a week after the baby came!! We had laughed a couple of days earlier that she could come and jump in the bounce house and maybe it would induce labor. Well at 6 that morning her water broke, so no bounce house for her. John and I had planned on going up to the hospital together that afternoon, but John ended up coming down with the stomach flu so I went up there around 3 and there was still no baby. so off I was to teach until 7:30. After dance I went back up to the hospital and by this time Kyndall had a nice little party awaiting her debut. Finally at about 10:45 that night Kyndall made her debut weigh 7 lbs. 8.9 oz! She is truly a beautiful baby and we are all so glad she is here.
The next day I had to go teach like normal, but then I had to add in a performance at the boy's elementary school and a quick run by the hospital so I could finally hold that baby!! That night was my party. The temperature was a little cool, but everyone managed to have a good time. My cake was adorable, our friend Rose made it. It was hot pink with zebra fondant stripes! I loved it, it was exactly what I wanted!! Finally around 12:30 the last guest had left and we got everything cleaned up. When I drove up to my house I was surprised to find out that 5 of my dance kids had left my party and rolled my house!! The next morning someone did come back and clean it up though, not that I really cared if I had to. Lord knows I rolled enough houses back in my day!

The next day I had to get up and go to Nash's birthday party. Let me tell you 2 days of going all day until 12:30 really does a number on you. But I managed to drag myself out of bed and go to Nash's party in Southlake and horseback riding place. Needless to say I had not been on a horse in probably 10 years. But it all went okay, except the next day I was a little bit sore.
We ended the month with Halloween and began November with a dance workshop. So here I am ending one of the busiest months and going into the busiest season. Maybe in January I'll get to take a break!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Weight Watchers

So I've managed to make it through my first day of weight watchers and still have 2 points left over at the end of the day! The biggest pain is having to research all the crap I eat to see the points value, not as much as the writing it down part. I got to still eat a Mcdonalds hamburger and french fries today too. I was excited to find out that a plain hamburger with ketchup and mustard was only 5 points and a small fry is another 5 points. Now if I hadn't of slept through breakfast today I probably would not have been able to eat this, but I did sleep through breakfast so I got to enjoy a yummy hamburger and fries!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Home Improvement

So basically phase one of our home renovation is done. I'm so ready for it all to be done!!! Four weeks locked at one end of the house with four people, 3 cats, and 2 dogs is a lot to handle. The kitchen is finally painted and the floors look great. We still have to get a new stove top and our new granite countertops, but that's going to be the last thing after the den, pool, deck, and my closet are done. We have to now move everything that goes into the kitchen back into the kitchen and move all of the stuff from the den into other areas of the house, mainly the living room. This all really needs to be done by Thanksgiving so that we can start getting the house ready for Christmas!!
I started to clean out my closet today. If you don't know my old game room became my closet about 5 years ago. My parents decided a couple of weeks ago they were going to fix it up some and make it little bit easier to use. Before we had just put some hanging racks and dressers in there and that was it. Now we are really going to fix it up. I would like to think it's going to look like a downgraded, cheap version of a closet like the celebrities have. I'll post pics when it's done. But with this renovation means I have to get rid of probably half the clothes that are in there. This is extremely hard for me because as I start to go through it all I try to convince my self I'll probably wear it again. I did manage to make a whole box of stuff to go to goodwill that contains a whole bunch of clothes that I know that no one would ever want and some really ugly shoes that were really in style when I was in high school. If anyone wants to come go through my junk feel free to holler at me, maybe it will help me be able to get rid of stuff!!

Monday, October 13, 2008


So I realized today that uninterupted naps rock!! Today I was off from work and I literally did nothing!! I woke up at 9:30 and was going to go back to sleep, but John called and wanted to go to lunch, so I decided that probably eating was a good thing. After I ate I came home and laid down. I got to sleep for 3 hours, it was amazing. Now I usually try to go to sleep for about an hour everyday when Landry goes to sleep. I highly believe in the whole theory of when the baby is sleep you should be sleeping, even though Landry is no longer a baby the theory still works!! But usually Landry wakes up or I have to go pick the girls up from school. Today I didn't have to though, I did have to go teach tonight though so I had to get up.
The only down fall to this was the fact that Vegas, my Boston Terrier puppy, had also decided to sleep for those 3 hours and when I got home from the studio he had managed to just about destroy everything. He also was very ready to play!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Great Weekend

So my birthday weekend is coming to an end and I do have to say that if this weekend is a preview of my year, it's going to be great!!! All of my worring about 25 was put to rest because it was great!!

It started late Thurday night. I managed to get John and I tickets to the Texas - OU game. It was totally unplanned, but I kind of decided I really wanted to go and thought it would be a good anniversary present for John ( Five years in Nov). Then when I got home I got to go ahead and open my presents from my parents and they surprised me with a Nintendo Wii. This was totally unexpected, I hadn't even really mentioned to them that I wanted one.

Friday morning I didn't get to do my normal sleeping in because John and I had to go to Dallas to pick up the tickets. So after we picked up the tickets we went to Kohls so that I could use my gift card from my Grandmother. I got a couple of cute new things to wear. Then John and I were off to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch where I totally overstuffed myself!!

Friday night Mom, Sandi, Christina, Jennifer, the boys and I all had tickets to see the So You Think You Can Dance Tour!! It was amazing. Not quite as good as last year, but still pretty amazing.

Saturday was an extremely long day. I was up at 6:15 because John and I wanted to get out the the Fair early. This was hard for me to get up because I hadn't gone to bed until about 2 and the dog woke me up about 3 times to take him out, but I managed. The game was probably the best I had ever experienced!! I have never gotten so into a football game!! I yelled so loud I got light headed and managed to stand for almost the whole 3 hours of the game even though my feet were killing me!! Texas beat OU which made John and I extremely happy, it was a great experience and I highly recomend everyone into partaking in the game at least once in their lifetime!!

Saturday night John and I varely made home in time to take a quick shower before we were off to Magic Time Machine to celebrate birthday. Our waiter was awesome, we had Captain Jack Sparrow. The kids loved him, he was so good with them letting them play with his guns and swords! I probably would have enjoyed it more had I not been so tired and sunburned. By this time I had been up for 14 hours, which for most people isn't a big deal, but if you know me at all I usually take a nap or 2 during the day. I don't know where all my energy has gone, but I do love my naps!!

Sunday I slept in some. I had to finish up some things for Shana's baby shower. The shower was fun, well except for playing shower games. I'm just not a big fan of shower games, but I know it's part of the ritual so I try my best and hope I walk away with a prize!! I got a little bit depressed though because I realized that I was one of the few girls at the shower who was not married or engaged. I've kind of gotten to where I lay off the subject with John. I figure he'll finally do it when he's ready, but it is hard to wait. I want to be a bride!!!
So here I now once again in bed and the dog is once again passed out beside me!! I to am about to go to sleepytown, I have the day off tomorrow and plan on sleeping in!! It will be great!! Goodnight everyone!!


Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Fair!!!

So tomorrow I'm super excited because its my families annual trip to the Great State Fair of Texas!!! I absolutley love the fair and look forward to it each year. I can't imagine going a year without going.
Now my trips are a little bit different then some, I don't go to ride rides or anything, I go specifically to eat my way through the fair!! We have never rode midway rides, my mom convinced my sister and I along time ago that the rides and the fair were bad because they were not bolted to the ground!!! But let me tell you that doesn't make it any less enjoyable, I eat everything.
I have a schedule for my eating too!!! There are certain things I have t have every year. I usually start out with a Fletcher's corn dog and an order of spiral potatatos for lunch. If you have never had either or these you don't know what your missing!!! Fletchers claims they were the first to make corn dogs. These aren't your normal skinny corn dogs, these things are usually and inch around. The potatos are giant spuds that are peeled and put onto some sort of spinner and it cuts the potato into long, thin, curly strips. They then fry and serve them!!!
Then it's onto the belgian waffles. These thick waffles are covered with powder sugar, fresh sliced strawberries and whipped cream! I usually make a huge mess while eating it, but it's well worth it!!!
Finally I finish it all off with Big tex nachos!! These are nachos shaped in the shape of Texas and then covered with cheese!!! For some reason it seems that that the Texas shape actually makes the nachos taste better!!!
Usually I eat a few more things in between too.
I love making it to the car building too. Every since I was little I have loved getting in and out of the cars and playing with what I will probably never have!!
I'm getting so hungry just thinking of this. Tomorrow I shall come back probably 10 lbs. heavier and 5 times closer to having a heart attack!!! Oh well, it's only once a year and I start Weight Watchers on Tuesday, so this is the last hurrah!!

In the begining

So here I am laying in bed with my dog next to me thinking.... a week from now I'll be 25. I know that it's not really that old, but when you finally hit a quater of a century it does hit you. I remember when I was younger I thought I would have accomplished so many things by this time. Here is a list of things I thought would happen by the time is 25...

1. I would have graduated college... Now this is one I really regret not accomplishing. I have every intention of finishing and I am in the process of it..

2. I would be married.... Well this could happen by the time Im 26 maybe... John and I are really working on our relationship and are talking about it!!

3. I would have a great job teaching dance... Well I am teaching dance and I love it, I thought it would be further along but I keep having set backs, but on the bright side I get to have another job that I love!!! I love my girls!!!!

So I know my life could be alot worse..But sometimes I do feel down. But I know I am blessed!!! I also know my future is still bright, right now I love my life!!!