Monday, January 11, 2010

My Best Friends Wedding

On January 2 my best friend Christina Parker became Christina Rosen! After a two year engagement, numerous date changes, and a bridesmaid dress disaster the actual wedding went off without a hitch and was beautiful. I was so honored to be her Maid of Honor, but I did tell her that she has payback coming back in July!!

Christina & Brett Listening to toast

These were some of my closest friends in jr. high and high school!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Another Year Come and Gone

I can't believe it's 2010, where has the time gone? Do you remember all the hype surrounding the change from 1999 to 2000? People thought we were going to have mass riots, the world was going to end and all technology was going to crash. I had just turned 16 so what did me and my friends do, throw a big party!!

Needless to say there wasn't as much hype surrounding 2010, nor did I have a party. I spent a nice quiet evening at home. John has to work until 2 AM, so it was just me, my parents and Vegas. While it wasn't as much fun and bringing in the last decade, I didn't hate it either.

2009 wasn't a bad year, but I can't say a whole lot happened. Well except for getting engaged. 2010 is already starting out to be such a busy year. If the first few weeks are any indication of the upcoming year, then I will be one busy women!!

Happy New Year everyone!! Hope 2010 is great.