Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hello Summer!!

I can't believe June starts tomorrow!! I'm so ready for summer. Landry and I have already started hanging out in the pool and doing all of our fun summer stuff!! Seriously summer is the best time of my job,where else do you get work and hang out in a pool all day!! The big girls get out of school this week and in some ways I'm ready for them to be home all the time, but those two girl have a tendency to fight alot when they are at home!!
May has been so busy. We finished up dance competitions the first weekend, so dance has been on the down side of the hill for a while. We are now busy getting ready for recital in 2 weeks. We attended two graduations this month. My friend Angela graduated from UNT and my cousin Danielle graduated from high school yesterday. I am so proud of them both!! It was so nice yesterday getting to see my family and spend the day in Tyler, well actually Bullard. I love my family in Tyler, they are truly amazing and I wish I got to see them more often!!
I also managed to book a trip to Vegas for John and I in July. Well be there for the weekend of the 10-12. We are both looking forward to it. Me because I love Las Vegas and John because he has never been. I don't really gamble there, I'm not real good at losing money, but there is always something to do there so you never get bored!! There are 38 days till I go to Vegas, I'm so excited!!
Everyone have a good week and I'll try to post more often so that you know what is going on!! Good night!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

The End of a Long Weekend

The studio had its last competition of the year and let me tell you it was a long one!! The competition actually started Thursday night, but I didn't have to be there. Friday I went to watch some of our kids do duet/trios and solos. We did great! Noah got a first overall on his solo and 2nd overall in the trio. Nash got 5th overall in his trio and we were all so proud of him and Kalei and Kanon because they were the only 9 year old trio to finish in the top 5. The rest of the groups were 11 or 12!!
Saturday was the really good day. Our small teen tap took first overall!! We were so excited. We got in the overalls a couple of other times too. The kids dance so well all week, it was really the best danced all year! They had some tough competition too so their awards were in no way given to them!! I was so proud of all of our Dance Machines Crew Members!!