Monday, May 9, 2011

Just a quick update

Last Wednesday was our 20 week appointment and we can gladly say we still have a girl!! Everything is going good so far. John and I have decided to name her Maddyn Elise. We actually picked the name along time ago before we were even engaged. Thank goodness we ended up having a girl because boy names were causing major arguments!!!

As of our 20 week appointment Ms. Maddyn weighs 11 oz and was measuring exactly 20 weeks and 1 day. I technically haven't gained any weight either. I somehow lost 10 pounds between week 7 and 12. I gained 5 of that back by week 16. Then in week 18 I got the stomach bug and lost 4 pounds and now have gained 2 of that back!!

Other than that we are doing good. I just finished up with the last competition of the year and am now getting ready for recital June 4. It seems every weekend is booked between now and the middle of June, which should be good so that the last of my pregnancy will go by faster. John has been busy working, but has been really great. He hasn't missed a doctors appointment and even surprises me with chocolate cake from work every once in a while!! We are feeling extremely lucky right now.