Saturday, October 4, 2008

In the begining

So here I am laying in bed with my dog next to me thinking.... a week from now I'll be 25. I know that it's not really that old, but when you finally hit a quater of a century it does hit you. I remember when I was younger I thought I would have accomplished so many things by this time. Here is a list of things I thought would happen by the time is 25...

1. I would have graduated college... Now this is one I really regret not accomplishing. I have every intention of finishing and I am in the process of it..

2. I would be married.... Well this could happen by the time Im 26 maybe... John and I are really working on our relationship and are talking about it!!

3. I would have a great job teaching dance... Well I am teaching dance and I love it, I thought it would be further along but I keep having set backs, but on the bright side I get to have another job that I love!!! I love my girls!!!!

So I know my life could be alot worse..But sometimes I do feel down. But I know I am blessed!!! I also know my future is still bright, right now I love my life!!!


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