Sunday, November 30, 2008


So the week of Thanksgiving did not start out well. I found out the Saturday before Thanksgiving the $300 had been taken out of my checking account. So how someone got ahold of either my I-tunes account number or my debit card number and spent $300 on I-tunes gift cards! This is not the time of the year to be low on money! I have done so well for the past couple of months to make sure that I had a significant amount of money in my account at the end of the month so that if I get paid late or if I need extra money the next month I have it, and now I am going into Christmas shopping season with very little money to get me started. So Monday was spent at the bank getting all the paperwork filled out to get my money back. They tell you it should only take a week, but it will be 1 week tomorrow and I still have not got the money back!!
Thanksgiving was pretty good. I spent it with my dance kids performing, well not really performing, with the Jonas Brothers at the Cowboys game. Me and 350 kids had to pretend to be concert goers. I do have to admit that it was pretty fun and when Nick Jonas stopped singing so that everyone could sing the words to "Burnin Up" I was one of the voices singing. I know it's pretty lame that I know the words to Jo Bro songs, but what else can I do when the girls and the kids at the studio only want to listen to their songs!! It was pretty fun and how many people can say that number one they were 4 feet from the Jonas Brothers and 2 that they were not in the stands at the last Thanksgiving half time in Texas Stadium,but actually on the field!!! It also made me really miss performing and the thrill you get for performing in front of people. I want to do that again, some days I don't miss putting on the make-up and gelling my hair for competitions or performances, but I do miss the rush you get when there is a live audience. It was such a part of me for so long in my life, and only doing it once a year at recital sometimes doesn't subside the part that makes me miss it!! Don't' get me wrong, it's such a reward to see the dances you create do well and I do love performing at recital, but there's something missing. I wasn't ready to give it up when it was time for me to give it up. I loved competitions, mainly because it was people there watching you!! Although the last year wasn't real great, I wouldn't mind doing it all again.

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