Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Home Improvement

So basically phase one of our home renovation is done. I'm so ready for it all to be done!!! Four weeks locked at one end of the house with four people, 3 cats, and 2 dogs is a lot to handle. The kitchen is finally painted and the floors look great. We still have to get a new stove top and our new granite countertops, but that's going to be the last thing after the den, pool, deck, and my closet are done. We have to now move everything that goes into the kitchen back into the kitchen and move all of the stuff from the den into other areas of the house, mainly the living room. This all really needs to be done by Thanksgiving so that we can start getting the house ready for Christmas!!
I started to clean out my closet today. If you don't know my old game room became my closet about 5 years ago. My parents decided a couple of weeks ago they were going to fix it up some and make it little bit easier to use. Before we had just put some hanging racks and dressers in there and that was it. Now we are really going to fix it up. I would like to think it's going to look like a downgraded, cheap version of a closet like the celebrities have. I'll post pics when it's done. But with this renovation means I have to get rid of probably half the clothes that are in there. This is extremely hard for me because as I start to go through it all I try to convince my self I'll probably wear it again. I did manage to make a whole box of stuff to go to goodwill that contains a whole bunch of clothes that I know that no one would ever want and some really ugly shoes that were really in style when I was in high school. If anyone wants to come go through my junk feel free to holler at me, maybe it will help me be able to get rid of stuff!!

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