Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Fair!!!

So tomorrow I'm super excited because its my families annual trip to the Great State Fair of Texas!!! I absolutley love the fair and look forward to it each year. I can't imagine going a year without going.
Now my trips are a little bit different then some, I don't go to ride rides or anything, I go specifically to eat my way through the fair!! We have never rode midway rides, my mom convinced my sister and I along time ago that the rides and the fair were bad because they were not bolted to the ground!!! But let me tell you that doesn't make it any less enjoyable, I eat everything.
I have a schedule for my eating too!!! There are certain things I have t have every year. I usually start out with a Fletcher's corn dog and an order of spiral potatatos for lunch. If you have never had either or these you don't know what your missing!!! Fletchers claims they were the first to make corn dogs. These aren't your normal skinny corn dogs, these things are usually and inch around. The potatos are giant spuds that are peeled and put onto some sort of spinner and it cuts the potato into long, thin, curly strips. They then fry and serve them!!!
Then it's onto the belgian waffles. These thick waffles are covered with powder sugar, fresh sliced strawberries and whipped cream! I usually make a huge mess while eating it, but it's well worth it!!!
Finally I finish it all off with Big tex nachos!! These are nachos shaped in the shape of Texas and then covered with cheese!!! For some reason it seems that that the Texas shape actually makes the nachos taste better!!!
Usually I eat a few more things in between too.
I love making it to the car building too. Every since I was little I have loved getting in and out of the cars and playing with what I will probably never have!!
I'm getting so hungry just thinking of this. Tomorrow I shall come back probably 10 lbs. heavier and 5 times closer to having a heart attack!!! Oh well, it's only once a year and I start Weight Watchers on Tuesday, so this is the last hurrah!!

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