Thursday, January 1, 2009

Here's to 2009!!

Happy New Year to everyone!! I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful night last night. John and I spent thee evening with our friends Matt and Shana. It's becoming our New Years tradition. We keep it very low key.. dinner at Pappadeux and ringing in the New Years just the four of us at their home and on our way home by 12:30. We are so exciting!!
I thought about taking down my tree today, but decided it was too much work for the day. I'm not exactly sure when it will come down, I'm begingin to think I'll just leave it up all year and change out the decorations, that would be ten times easier and I wouldn't have to deal with all the dust that is involved with putting stuff away! I'm so sick of the continous sinus infection, just as I think I'm getting over it I get knocked down by it again!
This is a total change of subject, but I read some of these 13 year olds post on myspace and get really disapointed in some of the language that is used. Everything is F this and F that. I remember when I was 13 the word "butt" had just come into my language and using the word "crap" was a really big deal, the kind of word you never said around your parents because you were afraid you would be grounded if they heard you say it! I just don't get kids these days, Lord knows I wasn't perfect, but at least I didn't make things public to everyone. It's like girls these day just don't care! I know these kids are good kids, but what makes them think it's okay to use words like the F word or other words. I'm to embarrased to even type the F word, much less use it in my everyday language! Oh well, I just wish I could change these things...Okay so I'll get off my soap box now!!
Landry's birthday was really nice. It gave me a chance to use the new video camera I got for Christmas. She had about three little friends there and they had a great time at Chuck E. Cheese, well until the big mouse made his appearance. I was standing with Landry and Kennedi when Chuck came out of his mouse house and they were jumping up and now waving, well that is until Chuck decided to come into the game area!! Landry and Kennedi both ran to their mom's really fast and were freaking out!! It was pretty funny, I love how at that age they are all talk until the character comes near, we had the same experience with Santa this year. Landry was all for talking to Santa at a distance, but if we tried to take the picture it was a no go!! OH well!!

Here's to the old memories of 2008 and the new ones I hope to make!!

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