Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Girls

This morning my deep slumber was interrupted by my phone ringing. I didn't answer it because I have learned that whatever is usually said on the other end when I first wake up I never remember so I sent it to voice mail and decided if it was really important they would leave a message. To my surprise it was Katherine calling me, which I new had was kind of odd considering that besides probably my own mom, Katherine knows that at 9:00AM on a Saturday morning I am probably sleeping. This is because at least 3 days a week I drive to her house in my pajamas and am usually back asleep on her couch by 8AM.
Well there was a message, but not from Katherine, it was from the Doodle-bug herself. She babbled about something and told me to call her back. Well, when I finally got ahold of them Katherine informed me that they had tears this morning because Landry "needed my Candi"!! It made me laugh so hard, but also made me feel so good!! Landry eventually got on the phone and talked to me for a while and mentioned something about that when I come on Monday to please bring Vegas so he can see her Hello Kitty. Needless to say Landry loves my dog as much as she loves me!!
I love the fact that this little girl misses me as much as I miss her when I don't see her for a week. Now don't get me wrong, I loved having this past week off, but it will be nice to get back into the swing of things next week. I love all of those girls so much, I feel so blessed that their mom and dad let me be apart of their lives everyday!! I feel like I will be so much more prepared for motherhood because I've had them to practice on!! I love the moments I get to spend with them almost being like the cool older sister or aunt who does stuff with them. I love that the middle girls feel like they can talk to me in confidence when needed and that I get to take part in the everyday happenings of their lives. I like to tease them that I'll have at least 3 babysitters whenever I get to that point and that paybacks are going to suck! I love that will probably do some of the things with my kids that I have done with them and then turn around and say with a grin, "Let's not tell your Mom!!". I hate it when I have to discipline the girls for fighting or Landry for doing something she's not supposed to do and I love how the oldest one, Katy, and I have a bond almost like an older sister and a younger sister just without the fighting and annoying nagging years. I love knowing that by the time I have a little girl that she will have 4 great girls to look up to that are all so different that I have had a part in shaping who they are and that Katy, Sydney, Mackenzie, and Landry will all take part in shaping who my daughter will be!!

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