Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bows,Bow, and More Bows!!

So this weekend is finally almost over!! Not that it hasn't been good, it's just that I had a ton of things to do!
The weekend started Thursday. The cheer groups are going to a competiton next weekend and me being our official "Bow Maker" had 24 bows to do by Friday. The bows were to be just double looped red base then a row of silver sequin and black sequin cloth. Not alot to them right...Well I thought I was really on top of things. I started last week cutting the bases and measuring and cutting the sequins. Well I go to do the first bow and the ribbon was too short!! This meant that all the sequins were too short too!! So Thursday night when I got home from the studio at 10:30 I had to start recutting ribbon and fusing the sequins together in the middle! Thank goodness for wonder under. That night I was up till 4 AM getting at least everything cut and about half the bows made! John woke up a couple of times from his bed on the couch to hear me yelling at the sewing machine because things kept going wrong!
The next morning I was up at 7:30 because I had to take my car into to have the oil changed. Well it ended up not only the oil had to be changed I had to have a whole new front end! Thank goodness for mom and dad, Dad was willing to pay for it! During this time I was still at home sewing, looping, cutting and ironing those dang bows!! Finally at noon I gave up and crashed until I had to pick up my car and go to the studio.That afternoon was dress rehearsal for the cheer groups, I didn't stick around, I was afraid to hear the parents complain about the bows I had stayed up working on for so long. Instead I had to go shopping with my friend Angela for bridesmaid stuff, but I did find out that the parents actually liked my bows!
Man I love pre-competiton season, next week I get to sew fake pockets on 20 pairs of sweat pants and then on to rhinestoning!!
Today was like any normal Sunday, cleaning and doing laundry. I do live such an exciting life I know!! Now I am lying here typing and occasionally catching a glimpse of the Golden Globes waiting to go to bed. Have a great week everyone!

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