Monday, May 28, 2012

What I have meant to tell you...

Oh sweet blog, how I have meant to update you....

Well Miss Priss is now 8 1/2 months old!! She is sitting, up crawling and pulling up onto everything. Maddyn now has 9 teeth!! It's crazy!!

Right after my last blog post Maddy got really sick. After 3 doctor visits, a set of x-rays, a catheter, IV and blood work she was finally diagnosed with a urinary tract infection caused by ecoli!! I know it sounds really crazy, but the doctors told us it is fairly common at the age she was at. It apparently can be in their poop and since babies are in diapers urinary tract infections can happen easily, no matter how clean you get them at a diaper change. What is even stranger is our friend's little girl who is a year and a week older than Maddyn got the same thing when she was 6 months old. Lucky for us though we caught it early and after a week of antibiotics Maddyn was back to normal. Her visit to the emergency room was enough for this momma that I hope don't have to go through anything like that with her for a while!

Other than that things are pretty normal around her. This next week and weekend is super busy as we get ready for the studios annual recital. Then two weeks later we head to Tulsa for nationals. Hopefully after that we can fit in a vacation to the beach!!

Here is one of Maddyn's 6 month pics! We go for 9 month pictures in June!!

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