Friday, August 13, 2010

1 month into the marriage

Yay!! John and I have been married 1 month!! I know people thought I would never do it, but I've made it a whole month without living at my parents house!!

The first week was a little rough. We had no Internet and no cable!! Let me tell you, I hated it!! Thank goodness for movies and even more so TV shows on DVDs. We watched alot of reruns of Friends,Boy Meets World, and Las Vegas and when I was home alone I got to watch Gossip Girl!!

Apartment living is not my favorite thing though. I am still getting used to a small closet, not enough cabinet space, and only having the one bedroom and the living room. The best part of it is the place only takes like and hour to clean!!

John,me and the dog a gradually adjusting. We took Vegas to the dog park the other day and he loved it. Although I really think he would have preferred to go into the "Big Dog" part. I swear this dog thinks he is bigger than he is!!

Sorry I have no pictures to post!! I need to take some of our cute 1st living space and I'll post those for you to see!!

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