Friday, September 11, 2009

Eight Years Ago

Eight years ago today was a Tuesday. I woke up like I did every morning and turned on the TV to watch Good Morning America while I got ready for school. Eight years ago I was a Senior in high school. I put on my IHS cheer uniform because we had to cheer at a volleyball game that night. I was supposed to be at school early that day because I had to roll up the signs in Mrs. Jackson room for the football game against Abilene that Friday night. I didn't make it to school in time to do that...Instead I watched as Diane Sawyer and Charlie Gibson announced that there was a fire in the World Trade Center and that a plane had crashed into it. I remember walking into my mom's room and saying "Someone was flying their plane too low and crashed into a building in New York." . I then watched as another plane flew into the other tower. The world then knew at that moment that it was no accident.

I finally made it to school, my cheer coach forgave me for not making it to pick up signs that morning. Teachers forgave us for alot of things that day. Every classroom you walked by had their TVs on watching the news. We watched the replay of the probably a dozen times as of the second plane crashing and the towers collapsing. I remember for days afterwards there was nothing else on TV except pictures of people still missing and continuous news coverage. There were no planes in the sky for three days. Everyone was in a state of shock and mourning. All activities were cancelled that day. We weren't sure that we were going to get to have a football game on Friday. Finally we were given the go ahead. I remember standing in ISS stadium and everything seemed different that day. The world had changed around me in a matter of seconds. I remember standing there singing the National Anthem that day and it had a new meaning to me. I remember seeing an airplane fly over the stadium as we sang, the first one I had seen in 3 days. Life would go on.....

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