Sunday, July 19, 2009

Stalking Demi

On July 5 I took some of my dance kids to the Demi Lovato/David Archuleta concert. Our family friend, Patti, had bought the tickets for her daughter and her friends and asked me to take them. When I went to the concert I wasn't really into Demi Lovato, but she ended up being a very talented performer

Demi is from the Grapevine/Colleyville area and actually went to the Jr. high and high school that the Hunter girls attend. After the concert we decided to try and follow the bus. Through modern technology one of the girls was able to find Demi's home address in Colleyville and we started heading to her home thinking we would just see her house and then we would have a good story to tell all their friends. Well low and behold as we get close to her house we see her tour bus and we get in line behind about 4 other cars and follow the bus!! About 4 blocks before her actual street address the bus stops and Demi gets off to take pictures and sign autographs. I have to admit I was acting just like the teens I was escorting running down the street see Demi! Now we have a really good concert story and the parents at the dance studio were calling me and the girls Demi stalkers!!!

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Anonymous said...

awesome night!! thanks again for taking us!! the crazy stalkers!! haha :)