Sunday, April 5, 2009

Life in General

The studio had a competition yesterday and Friday. We did okay, we're kind of having an off year. I know every studio goes through these, but it's been a really long time since we had this much of an off year. I think we are still trying to find our place in Coppell and with the economy in a downward slope it's affecting alot of things. It's really hard when more and more kids at other studios are doing only dance and are taking 20 hours or more a week. We have always been a studio that encouraged our kids to try other things. There is no reason for them not to try things at school, be in the drama club or drill team or be cheerleaders even though it limits the amount of studio time they can have. But on the other hand I don't feel like the majority of the kids that I teach have a drive to be the best. Unlike my friends that I grew up dancing with, we wanted everything to be about dance and competition! Now it's more about trying to be fair and heaven forbid we hurt some kids feelings by not putting them in the same group as one of their friends because they aren't ready. When I was younger and that happened to me, it made me work harder so that I could join them the next year! Yes it hurt alot, but now when I look back on it, the experience only made me try harder and push myself to be the best I could be!
On a quick side note... I'm struggling with some hard decisions right now in alot of areas. I keep asking God for and awnser and I think right now he doesn't even know what to tell me! I can't really go into the details of some of these because I'm not sure who reads this, but it falls into all categories. Just please keep me in your thoughts as I struggle to figure out what needs to be done. If I don't blog before next Sunday, everyone have a wonderful Easter!!

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